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I have 3 Little Golden Books I picked up at auction. Their back covers are gold flowers and scroll work, One is #20 - The night before Christmas. It has a "D" on last page on bottom right. It was written in on inside front cover as to whom it went to and the date 11/1950 or 1960 written on it. It's hard to tell.

The second book #77 The Happy Man and his Dump Truck. The letter A on last page at the bottom right and was written on inside front cover who it was given to and 8/1950.

The last book is #56, Our Puppy, Letter A on last page bottom right and on inside front cover who it was given to and 7/1949 is the date written.

The conditions of all 3 are not new or mint but maybe used and good. No pages are torn. I am looking for any info or value on these.

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It is so difficult to price books without seeing them. Your good might be my poor...see what I mean. There are so many different copies of Night Before Christmas. With you the info you gave me I am guessing that each book's value could be around 10.00 each.

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