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When I was in the first grade, the books in my classroom included some Little Golden Books. One was about a pair of robins who were migrating back North in the spring. They probably had some troubles finding their way or something like that. I seem to recall the following details:

-At the very beginning, the girl robin expressed concern that if they were to stay South much longer, her red breast would fade from the hot sun.

-A *censored* willow, drawn with a catkin that looked like a real kitten, used a daffodil telephone I think to help the robins find their way.

-At the end, a "wee boy" looked out the window, saw them, and announced that it was the first robins of spring.

What title was this? It would have been written in 50s or 60s, though I read it in the mid-80s.

A second book that I remember was surely from the same period. It was about a little boy who tried to get a present for his mother but kept being out of luck (one episode that I recall was that someone gave him a bag of pretzels, but he ended up sharing them with other kids until there were none left. Finally, he came to a meadow covered with flowers, picked a whole bunch of them, and gave them to his mother as a present. What book could this be?

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