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Hello! Does anyone know how many of the mini LGBooks there are? I know some were given away as premiums as well. I would love any information any has on these tiny treasures. I have just begun to collect so I would welcome emails from anyone who has some to sell as well. Thanks! Sharon Smile swortega@nospam.comcast.net (take out the no spam to send mail)

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There are 71 numbers with titles in the little little books. There is an additional 19 books which came with dolls, in candies and with other items. Some of these titles are the same but the book is diferent.

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Thank your for the information! Is there a web site where I can get a list of them with the numbers? Sharon

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does anyone know the approx value of these little little golden books..
the liitle red hen vol. 3 fine cond. c1954 1992
theodore mouse goes to sea vol. 6 mint c1983 1992
scuffy the tugboat vol. 5 mint c1955,1946,1992
tootle vol. 8 mintc1945,1992
the sleepy book vol. 10 mint c1948,1992
we help mommy vol. 11 mint c1959, 1992
fire engines vol. 2 mint c1950 1959 1992
the poky little puppy vol. 1 mint c1942 1992
the fuzzy duckling vol. 9 mint c1949 1992
the saggy baggy elephant vol. 4 mint c1947 1992
the careless little kitten around the house vol. 7 mint c1986, 1992
baby farm animals vol. 12 mint c1958,1953,1992

or know how i would find out the value..thanks

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You should borrow a guide from your local library for precise information. It is hard to give value without seeing. The guidebook says there value is between 25 cents and 3.00.

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