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A family friend left my son a box of Little Golden Books when she passed. I have about 50, the most interesting appears to be a "Hansel and Gretel". Can you help me with the value?

It has a blue spine, Illustrated by Erika Weihs and "Prepared under the supervison of Mary Reed, PHD." Inside the first page it says "First Printing, June, 1945. I would say it is in GOOD condition. The book has been read and has a worn cover the back cover has one word written on it in pencil. The inside pages are in excellent condition. The name plate has been inscribed "To Joann Christmas 1945 from Aunt Lucille".

Thank you, Sherrie

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First, you need to read the FAQ section of this website.
It is VERY difficult to price a book sight unseen.I do not know the number of the book, the number of pages, the condition without seeing it. Many people think they have a great book and I think it is in poor condition. That said, I will try to help.
The blue spine first edition published in '1943' has a value of 30.00 without the jacket in mint condition. That is like it came from the store and price declines with wear and edition. You said yours says 1945???? The blue spine means it had a dust jacket when it was purchased. I hope this helped....

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Thanks, yes that does help.


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