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Began collecting LGB's in 1973 when expecting my first child (four more followed, from 1978 to 1988). My 1950's childhood was enriched with a great collection of LGB's--I have an older brother and sister, both born in the 1940's and the first owners of many of our books. Our mom continued to buy the books throughout the 1950's. Regretfully, when I and my sister (one year younger) reached our teens, our mom gave all the books to charity; we were too preoccupied with teenage interests to think of our future lives as mothers, so we didn't think to save any of the books. Which led to my personal obsession with building my own collection and finding as many as possible of the old favorites (also found many wonderful new stories). My five kids all loved them, too; all were top students and booklovers. Now I have three grandchildren who also love the books.

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