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I have two misprinted copies of Little Golden Books that were printed in the mid 1980s. One has the cover of Disney's Snow White, the other the cover of Beauty and the Beast, but inside they have 12 pages from the story The Lion King. (Text starts with "Just before Simba fell beneath the pounding hooves...") Back covers show the collection of images from Golden Books around a white ground, nothing is printed there. There is also nothing printed in the bar code box.

These are in brand new condition.

If they have a value to collectors, I'd like to sell or auction them.

Thank you,

Cathy Blaski
Milwaukee Wisconsin

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Hey, I do not know the value of the books that you have but I would be interrested in purchasing them please email me with what you would be willing to sell them for, my email addess is jamitomlinson@aol.com.
Thanks, Jami

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I have a first print edition or A with Brave Cowboy Bill cover and When I Grow Up story inside. Also the front cover is upside down. It has a puzzle in the back and it is still intact. Can anyone tell me what its worth?

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I have Golden Book the Lion King with Sesame Street pages half way through book upside down. I’ve wondered if it’s worth anything.

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